Uncle Albert

Uncle Albert is one of the trees along the drive beside the Great Oakley Hall and he has not been very well.

In late September 2011 attempts were made to save Albert.

We believe that Albert is in the region  of 250-300 years old but his age is being clarified. He is one of many trees in Great Oakley Park which has a Preservation Order protecting them. This means that the Estate cannot carry out any work, whether big or small, without first obtaining permission from the relevant authority.

More than a few people, including arboreal consultants, advised us more than six months ago that Albert could not be saved and should be taken down. However we have made one more attempt to save him by removing the large dead areas of the tree quite and focussing growth effort on the more healthy parts. This severe pruning is an attempt to save Albert and the remarkable history which goes with him.

This post will be kept fully updated and hopefully Uncle Albert will show us some some signs of life.


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  1. Alex  June 11, 2016

    What has happened to uncle Albert?


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