Large areas of woodland form parts of the Great Oakley, Eyebrook and Saltby areas and in recent years these have attracted significant Forestry Commission funding.

The Jubilee Woods Project

We are honoured to have been chosen by The Woodland Trust as a site for one of the 60 Diamond Woods within the UK.

Each wood marks a year in the reign of HM Queen, the wood which is known as The Bescaby Oaks Diamond Wood, was planted in the 2012/2013 planting season.

Relevant Link – The Jubilee Woods Project

Logs For Sale!

Home Farm Saltby will shortly have a large amount of timber which will be available for sale.

If you are interested in some logs please contact Chris on or 07970 984346.

Here is an advert for the sale of approx 800 tonnes of timber, resulting from thinning on the Great Oakley Estate.