In the late 1990s agriculture in the world generally was regarded as a hassle to many policiticans.

There were large grain mountains, butter was everywhere and even Various Secretary of States for Agriculture could not work out why Agriculture was effectively a drain on resources.

People then were not understanding where their food came from and of course there were the debacles of foot and mouth and the cost to the UK taxpayer of foot and mouth and BSE.

To a certain extent farmers were at fault , terrible at getting their message across, they as a group of individuals could not see what the public wanted.

But the early 2000 saw a turning point in UK and indeed world agriculture and a willingness of farmers to adapt…

Harpers Brook farms is the joint venture partnership between Home Farm Great Oakley and Manor Farm little Oakley.

It was formed at a time when UK agriculture was unprofitable with wheat at around £70 per tonne.

Why was it formed ?

Because it was recognised that on the acreage of both partners economies of scale were to be had if one joined forces in a marketplace that was volatile and margins were extremely tight if not unprofitable.

Since inception Harpers Brook Farms has played a major role in UK agriculture.

Harpers Brook was one of the first machinery syndicates in the UK, others in the years since formation in 2000 looked at Harpers Brook and copied the model.

An English Food and Farming Partnership study called ” Share to Grow ” was produced with the sole aim of encouraging farmers to co operate.

Harpers Brook played a major role in this study and there were various roadshows up and down the UK as The Share to Grow project rolled out.

Today the partnership is using the very latest equipment with A CLAAS Lexion combine with 35 ft header and just 2 John Deere tractors covering 2000 acres of crops.

We would like to assist you and are always looking for further opportunities where there might by synergy so that the benefits of cooperation can be shared.

Please call Charles Frost on 07813 672382 Or by email

Solar Power

The farm has recently installed a 20KW solar photovoltaic system which is estimated to  generate approximately 17500KWH/annum.  This can be used by the farm with any excess being exported to the National Grid.