A walk through Great Oakley is a glimpse into the several different periods in the development of the Great Oakley Estate and its surroundings.

Green Paint

Many visitors to Great Oakley are interested to know why so many properties have their wooden features painted with the same dark green paint. Many of these properties are owned by the Great Oakley Estate and rented out. The paint is a symbol of their original ownership and also a reflection of the maintenance which is carried out regularly on all Estate Properties.

There are some properties in the village which are more recent, but which still bear the dark green signature of the Estate properties. These are not owned by the Estate but carry a painting restriction as part of their original and subsequent sales which enforces the use of green paint on certain features of the house.

Home Farm Close

Home Farm was the Estate’s dairy farm and when it was redeveloped a lot of steps were taken to protect its architectural features and historical interest.

The site of the main dairy building has been redeveloped into several residential properties without affecting the original shape or features of the building.

One condition imposed by the planners was that the existing colony of bats which occupied the roof space of the dairy building should be rehoused. This was done by creating specially designed areas in the roofs of the garages which were created to accompany each new property. These stone grills  allow the bats easy entry and exit to the roof space.

Moving further up Home Farm Close it is possible to cut back to Brooke Road via an area of open land. This area will shortly be developed into a small number of new properties, the foundations for which can already be seen.