Thomas Clarkson AcademyThomas Clarkson Academy

Corporation Road, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, PE13 2SE

T 01945 585237
F 01945 474226


Principal: Clare Claxton

Thomas Clarkson Academy has the highest expectations for all its students, their families and our staff. We are proud to be a multicultural community that embraces the Brooke Weston ethos and puts excellent progress and the personal development of students at the heart of everything it does.

Thomas Clarkson Academy will continue to develop as the school of choice for local families where the opportunities offered allow talents to flourish within and beyond the classroom. Students will develop as aspirational, thoughtful, resilient learners, well equipped to fulfil their personal and academic dreams.

Staff at the academy will to strive towards becoming an outstanding educational establishment for adults and young people alike. We thrive on challenge, are reflective and enjoy purposeful, meaningful partnerships with local schools and the wider community all of whom support us in our resolute aim to raise standards.  We are fast becoming an employer of choice providing excellent professional development for staff in order to create an outstanding place for all to work and learn.